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7 Secret Tricks to Lead a Healthier Life

Deciding to lead a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard. If you can cover the basics, you can still enjoy a delicious diet and eat the foods that you enjoy. This post looks at 7 different things you can do to improve your health.

1. Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

It’s hard to stick to a healthy diet if you’re just eating the same foods over and over. There’s no need for healthy eating to be rigid and full of bland foods. The human body needs over 40 different nutrients which is why eating a variety of foods is incredibly important. You can balance out your meals by enjoying a high-fat lunch and low-fat dinner. Try and keep a balance in your diet with a variety of foods and recipes.

2. Eat Healthy Carbohydrates

There’s a myth going around that carbohydrates are all bad. However, what truly matters is where your carbohydrates are coming from. If you’re getting your carbs from pop tarts and white bread, then you aren’t going to be very healthy. However, your body enjoys quality carbs from sources like wholegrain pasta, wholegrain cereals, and potatoes. Avoid processed or white flour carbohydrates when possible.

3. Get Healthy Fats In Your Diet

Our bodies need fat to function properly. We all know fat in excess is bad which is why it’s important to get fat from healthy sources in your diet. Foods like salmon, avocado, and coconut are full of healthy fats. Make sure you read your labels when buying food and avoid putting trans fats in your body. To reduce your unhealthy fat consumption, try baking, steaming or boiling your food instead of frying.

4. Find Ways To Get More Vegetables Throughout The Day

Fruits and vegetables are the highest quality source of vitamins and fiber that you can put in your body. Try starting your day with a green shake which can give you 2-3 servings of vegetables depending on what you put in your shakes. You can also try ending your meals with a piece of fruit instead of something sweet.

Snacking on fruit throughout the day is an excellent way to keep your cravings low and nutrients high. Getting your nutrients from quality sources will positively impact your DNA. For other ways your DNA can impact your health, check out the resources available on CRI Genetics.

5. Cut Down On Sugar And Salt

Sugar and salt are everywhere, but they can be quite dangerous to our bodies. Too much salt will cause your blood pressure to spike and increases your risk of cardiovascular disease. Sugar may taste great, but your body has trouble breaking it down, especially if you’re ingesting more than 100 grams of sugar a day. When grocery shopping, look for foods low in sodium. Don’t add salt while you’re cooking, wait to taste the meal when it’s done. You can also try using fruits to sweeten your drinks instead of relying on sugar.

6. Eat When You Want, But Control Your Portions

Anytime you skip a meal; your body tries to compensate by overeating at the next meal. Your best bet is to eat when you’re hungry and keep your portions under control. You’ll find that you’ll still be full even with smaller portions. Try eating your food slower which will help you get full faster.

7. Use Water To Help Curb Cravings

Our bodies need at least 1.5 liters of water a day. Plain water is the best drink to fuel your body. Mineral water is also fine as long as there is no sugar. You can often curb cravings by drinking some water and getting hydrated. The hotter it is and the more physically active you are, the more water you need to put in your body.

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