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8 Most Creative Ways to Use a Futon

A futon is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you could ever own. For the simple, one-time purchase of a futon, you will be able to enjoy many different uses of the futon from a gaming seat in front of your TV to a bed for your overnight guests there are so many options for you to choose from.

1. An affordable couch

Couches are expensive. If you are planning on having a couch in your living room or bedroom, a futon can present an attractive and affordable alternative. There are a lot of futons out there that don’t even look like futons, so the best part is that you will be able to play it off as a couch. You can even dress up the futon with a throw so that to even the most astute observer it looks just like any couch.

2. In the office

This can be your home office or even at your workplace, a futon can provide a great alternative to another chair. If you work long hours you can even take a quick nap if you need to, or relax on the futon as you read through a proposal or proofread a document. These can be an affordable way to take a regular boring office layout and make it modern and inviting.

3. In your television room

A futon can provide a very comfortable spot in your TV room for you to relax and put your feet up at the end of a very hard day. They make excellent spots for you to take a load off and decompress. They are also ergonomically designed, so you might find them comfortable for sitting in for long periods of time.

4. An affordable bed

Buying a new bed can be very expensive, you may find that a futon can be a really great way to save money so that you can save up and buy the best that you really want instead of settling on a cheaper model. Many who do this, however, will often find that they fall in love with just how comfortable their futon is.

5. Additional seating

When you have a lot of guests over for the holidays or any other special occasion you may want to think about just how easy it is to move a futon into another room so that you can all sit together at any given time. This is not inky convenient but you might find that your guests are fighting over what looks to be the most comfortable chair in the place.

6. In the basement

Finished basements are a great idea, until you have to think about the furniture that you’re going to put in them. Futon mattresses can provide a comfortable and stylish alternative to furniture for your finished basement. They can also double as a place to sleep for guests when they come over.

7. Your kid’s room

Your child’s bedroom does not need to have anything more elaborate than a futon for additional seating. They can provide a really comfortable spot to read and pass the time if you want to. There are available in a wide variety of styles so you will be able to choose something that both you and your child are happy with.

8. Additional bedding

A room that two children share can quickly become crowded with beds. Sometimes the space can be used a little more effectively if you swap out the additional bed for a futon. This can free up a great deal of floor space.

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