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9 Best Ways to Get Extra Money for Pensioners

Retiring and becoming a pensioner can come with many benefits. Of course, you don’t have to work anymore, so you have plenty of free time on your hands. You can reconnect with your loved ones, pamper yourself, and even be eligible for different benefits and discounts.

But what if you have too much time on your hands, and not enough money? All you have to do is try one of these 9 ways to get extra money for pensioners:

1. Sell some things you don’t need anymore

Selling things you don’t need is one of the best ways to get extra money for pensioners. If your house is now too big for you, it could be a good idea to downsize as it might allow you to save some money. But whether you want to downsize or to stay in your home, there are probably a lot of things you don’t need anymore.

Selling some of your possessions, whether it’s at a garage sale or online, can allow you to earn some extra cash while clearing the clutter in your home.

2. Rent spare rooms in your home

If you have one or two spare rooms in your house, you could earn some extra income by renting them out to students, travelers, or anyone who is looking for short-term or long-term accommodation.

To get started, you could place an ad in your local newspapers, or use an online service like Airbnb to find potential renters. You could also simply ask your acquaintances if they know someone who would like to rent a room.

3. Get a pension loan

If you need a lot of money in the short term, you could consider getting a pension loan. A pension loan is a type of loan where some of your future pension payments will be used as collateral.

Of course, you always have to be careful when taking out this type of loan, but if you need funds to finance a big purchase or a home remodeling project, for example, this can be a good solution.

4. Make your hobbies profitable

If there are different things you enjoy doing, why not try to make them profitable? If you enjoy cleaning a home, mowing the lawn or taking care of a garden, you could offer your services to people living in your neighbourhood.

If you like writing poetry, knitting mittens, making jewels, or baking delicious cookies, you could set up an online shop to sell what you are making. If you’re not too good with computers and with the internet, maybe a friend or one of your grandchildren could help you.

5. Offer your services as a babysitter

Daycare is expensive, and it can be difficult for parents to find a spot for their child. If you enjoy babysitting, you could offer your services to young families in your city, and earn some extra money each week.

It could be as simple as keeping an eye on a few kids after school, but you can also take care of a baby for a full day if you feel up to the task.

6. Become a paid companion for a senior in need

If you are in good shape, and still driving your car, you could offer paid companionship to a senior in need in your area.

You could visit them daily, take walks with them, help them prepare their meals, or take them grocery shopping. Many lonely seniors who can’t drive anymore need help getting to their medical appointments, or simply could use some company.

7. Take care of dogs in your neighbourhood

If you like dogs, you could get paid for taking care of dogs who have busy owners. You could take a few dogs on daily walks, or take care of them while their owners are working or going on a vacation.

Of course, you could also pet-sit cats, hamsters, parrots, or even fishes. There are surely many pet owners in your city who could use someone’s help to take care of their beloved pets while they are away from home.

8. Get paid to take online surveys

If you enjoy giving your opinions on a variety of topics, there are many companies looking for people like you. Join an online community, and get paid to take surveys and to give some feedback on new products.

Of course, taking online surveys will not make you a rich pensioner, but you should be able to earn a bit of extra cash to pamper yourself.

9. Host an international student

If you like learning about other cultures, you could partner with a hosting company to host an international student, and of course, get paid for it.

An international student will come live with you for a few months, or even for a full year, and you will get to learn about their home country while showing them what life in Canada is like. You will earn some money, and make a new friend.

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