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6 Most Popular Wines Around the World

People all over the world love their wine. Some are connoisseurs, others just love and enjoy it without being experts. Some fall in-between the two. One thing is for sure; there is no doubt in the popularity of this much-loved beverage. Coming up with a list of the most popular wines can be tricky. There are so many, so what do you leave out? However, it would be fair to say that you pretty much can’t go wrong with these below, so let’s have a look at the most popular wines around the world.

1. Cabernet Sauvignon

This is a red wine that was a French-origin grape. It is probably the most popular red wine in the world. It was made famous, thanks to the wines of Bordeaux. It is bold and rich and has flavours of black currant, black pepper and anise. Cabernet Sauvignon is now grown in all the major wine-producing countries. In fact, it is even grown in places that may surprise you, such as Lebanon and China. This wine goes well with red meat.

2. Merlot

This is another really popular (red) wine. Often overshadowed by Cabernet Sauvignon, these are still exceptional wines. These improve in quality and taste when they age. They have cherry fruit flavours. It is one of the primary grapes that is used in Bordeaux wine. In fact, in the Bordeaux wine region, it is the most widely planted grape.

3. Chardonnay

This is a very popular white wine, perhaps even the most popular in the world. It originated in Burgundy, France, where they were aged in oak barrels. It uses a green-skinned variety of grape, now grown all over the world. You can serve Chardonnay with buttery and creamy dishes. It also goes really well with halibut and cod and other seafood such as lobster and crab. If you are serving creamy pastas, sauces or soups, serve these with Chardonnay.

4. Pinot Grigio

The Pinot Grigio is a white wine that is zesty and can be refreshing on a hot summer’s day. It is sometimes called Pinot Gris. It is a dry white wine and has the flavours of lemon, lime and green apples. Fried fish and vegetables go well with this wine. It’s even nice with fish and chips. In general, it goes well with many seafood dishes. Try it with seafood salads with crab or shrimp. You can pair it with the Italian staples of pasta and risotto.

5. Pinot Noir

This red wine has become popular around the globe. It has a wonderful red fruity flavour, making it a crowd-pleaser for sure. Depending on where it was made, the flavours can vary. Some really good French Burgundy can be very expensive. For some good ones that are more affordable, you can try the ones from the US, Germany or New Zealand.

6. Shiraz

This is actually called Syrah, which originated in France. It became hugely popular in Australia where it is known as Shiraz. This is another red wine. It is made from the dark-skinned Syrah grape. Beef stew, grilled lamb, lean red meat and mildly spicy foods go well with this popular wine.

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