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6 Steps to Ensure a Successful Long Distance Move

A long distance move is a life-changing event. It is not as easy when moving to a new home or apartment within one city. A long distance move is a relocation to a different city or country. It requires many months of preparation, planning, organization and packing.

For this type of move, it is important to plan ahead to reduce stress and ensure your packing is on track. You will definitely require a moving company that can manage the organization and transportation of your boxes including clearing customs.  For a long distance move, it is very important to be well prepared. Here are the main steps that will help you prepare well in advance for a successful long distance move:

1. Plan ahead and confirm your move date

Planning your long distance move is crucial to ensuring that it goes exactly as planned. For a smooth move, it is important to start planning ahead and to confirm your departure date. Contact moving companies as early as possible and obtain their estimates. You want to also organize your belongings to see want you have to take, recycle or sell. Plan a simple schedule to keep you on track with your packing and organization.

2. Make a budget

Preparing a budget is essential, as a long distance move can be expensive. It is important to start research well in advance to ensure you are working within a budget. Rushed planning always turns out to be more expensive. With time and proper research, you will be able to prepare a budget, find movers you can afford and avoid spending unnecessarily.

3. Downsize

A long distance move will cost you if you have many items especially heavy ones. You do not want to spend on items that you will eventually throw away or not use. This is the right time to go through all your belongings and to see what you should really take. Give, sell or recycle items that you know you will not need or use.

4. Research moving companies

Moving companies are always busy all year round. If you do not book in advance, you may not be able to find a professional moving company in time for your move. Look for a company that can help with all details, from packing and storage to clearing customs for international relocations. It is always good to select a company that has many years of delivery service experience. This way you can leave the relocation arrangements to the experts. In addition, a professional moving company can help set your budget and decide the items that are best to move according to their weight and volume.

5. Find out about customs

You can rely on the moving company to provide you with information on the customs, but you can also do a bit of research for yourself. You want to make sure your personal belongings can legally enter the country. There are certain procedures and additional paperwork needed to transport animals such as dogs, cats or other domestic animals. Certain foods or beverages are controlled. Find out this information before you start buying products to pack and transport.

6. Prepare your items for packing and labelling

You can start packing well in advance, as you need to give your moving company time to check the volume and weight of your boxes. They will ensure your items are securely packed and labelled so that they are not lost during transportation. Make sure all items are organized for packing for ease and efficiency. This will also be helpful for the moving company when they are packing the items for you.

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