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5 Tips to Make Your Move Easier This Year

So, in 60 days you’re moving into your dream basement apartment. Congratulations! It’s been a long time coming for you. But there’s something that will put a damper on your dreams: moving.

Moving is a soul-sucking endeavor that eats away at every fibre of your being. From the cost to the physical endurance, there aren’t too many benefits for moving.

Does it have to be that way? Yes and no. We can explain further with these recommendations.

Here are five tips to make your move easier this year:

1. Book Your Movers a Month in Advance

A lot of people are renting their own trucks, gathering a group of friends, and moving from point A to point B. This is a great idea, but when the move is just too big, or your friends are likely going to bail, then you might have no other choice but to hire professional movers.

The first thing to do is do your due diligence and find the best movers in your neighbourhood.

The second thing to do is to book the movers in advance. Some say it’s best to make an appointment two weeks in advance, but if you wish to be on the safe side, especially in the wintertime, then it’s best to book them a month in advance.

The third thing to do is to confirm the move a couple days before the scheduled date.

Now this is how you move!

2. Always be Honest with the Movers

It might be common sense to some, but many consumers make this mistake: fibbing to the movers.

Whether it is because they fear of a higher cost or they’re embarrassed by the amount of stuff they have, customers refrain from telling the truth. Don’t be this person.

Instead, be honest with the movers from the moment you make contact to the time they arrive on your doorstep. This should include informing the movers of everything you have, how many flights of stairs there are in the apartment complex (if applicable), how heavy certain items are, and other important components to your overall move.

3. Get Organized 60 Days Early

Are you someone who is disorganised all the time? Well, then you are already thinking that your move is going to be a disaster. But don’t be so pessimistic – have some faith in your abilities.

Your goal should be to get organized as early as possible, not the night before.

Unsure how? Here are a few tips:

  • Grab all the packing supplies you need.
  • Day by day, put away the stuff you don’t need.
  • Put together an overnight bag with essentials.
  • Reuse boxes you routinely get in the mail.
  • Wrap your breakables in durable material.

In addition to ending your lease, getting in touch with your new neighbours, and preparing yourself to move from your humble abode – it can be emotionally trying especially if this has been your home for years.

4. Take an Inventory of Your Stuff

Let’s be candid: we accumulate way too much stuff. From kitchen appliances to consumer tech, from pants to sweaters, we have a lot of junk – a lot of it we couldn’t afford in the first place!

But there’s nothing you can do about that now, is there?

So, as you prepare for the big day, you should take an inventory of your stuff.

  • Determine what you have.
  • Create a checklist for your boxes and totes.
  • Think about if you need these items.
  • Figure out if you can sell or donate these things.

By the end of it all, there’s one step you’ll wish to take: throw it all in the trash!

5. Labels, Labels Everywhere

One of the best measures to employ for your moving is to create labels. This is the simplest and most effective way to ensure nothing gets lost, it’s easy to find, and you can put everything away.

Sure, you can purchase labels and slap them on your boxes. But you can also get a large marker and write it down on the packages. That’s the poor man’s way to move!

Moving is never fun. Even if you’re the most organised person in the world who loves to transfer from location to location, moving can be hectic that sends you into disarray. However, if you take advantage of these recommendations, then you can certainly make it painless and easy.

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