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5 Marketing Principles for Real Estate Agents

Congratulations on starting your new real estate business. Or maybe you have been running one for some years now. But you have been running your business the old school style where you rely on word-of-mouth to get most of your business. And maybe a few couple of posts on your social media channels telling everyone the business you run.

With changing times, the need to involve a marketing function has changed too. Whereas some decades ago, you could do just fine by relying on your existing clients to refer new clients to you, things have become far more competitive now. Real estate as a business cannot solely rely on satisfied customers bringing in new customers. Now, you need to market your business in a way that makes it stand out from the thousands of other similar businesses around you, all competing for a small piece of the real estate pie.

If you are thinking about marketing your business, we tell you below some of the benefits you can see in your business.

1. Create a likeable identity

Many people forget that marketing incudes a lot more than creating advertisements for your products. In fact, marketing actually begins even before the business does. Everything from the name to the brand personality is decided before the business is formed, and all of this comes under the marketing umbrella.

As we all know, buying or selling a house is not something that people do very frequently in their lives. It involves a lot of money and also a lot of emotional sentiments. Thus, it becomes necessary for your real estate business to have a brand image that is welcoming and inspires confidence in your customers. You don’t want the first impression of your customers when interacting with your brand to be negative.

2. Find more customers

Through the use of digital marketing, you can now reach customers that are not in your immediate geographical proximity. How long can your business sustain by relying on business coming from people living very close to your business anyway? With digital marketing, you can target people, irrespective of how close or far away they are from you.

Remember that you still need to have some expertise in the locations that your customers are looking at, but at least you now have an option of increasing the reach of your business so it can make you more profit.

3. Stay on top of everyone’s mind

As mentioned above, buying or selling of house is not a frequent activity. Thus, when someone does enter the market to either buy or sell, it can greatly benefit your business if your business is the first option that comes in the minds of people looking for real estate businesses.

With the right advertising and customer nurturing activities through real estate CRM, you can make sure that your business occupies the coveted top-of-mind spot in all your customers’ minds.

4. Create loyalty

Trust and loyalty is very important for a real estate business to be successful. Through timely communication, you can ensure that your past customers think that you still care about them, and that they were more than a sale for you. You can easily do this by sharing real estate reports and home maintenance tips with them in a scheduled fashion over emails.

5. Don’t wait for the customers to come to you

A lot of real estate talks happen on social media and through searches. By investing in digital and social media marketing, you can ensure that your business is there where the audience is, and not in a scenario where the audience has to find you to do business with you.

If all the above things become part of your business, you will make sure that the customers still keep coming to you no matter how the real estate market is behaving.

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