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Top Tourists Tips When Traveling To Cultural India

A lot of travelers have a certain misconception surrounding the great country of India, the birthplace of numerous cultural festivities, some of the spiciest of foods, and one of the world’s most diverse bio-locations. Some think the country is dirty, run-down, and living well in the past.

Well, those people couldn’t be more off. If you’ve managed to acquire any vacation packages or India tours, then be well prepared for the culture shock you may experience.

The Perfect Route

India is massive, pure and simple. You need to plan ahead to ensure your route is perfect, as you will never see everything on a single trip. Plan accordingly and be realistic about your expectations. There are a few different flights that will whisk you from the north to the south to receive the best of both worlds.

The best of the India tours, however, is the classic Golden Triangle. The trip is perfect to visit the top three destinations in the country: Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. If you have a spare week while visiting, this is the only tour you should worry about. You will start in the beautiful Delhi, then hit Agra and tour the Taj Mahal, and last is Jaipur, where the Pink City and the Amber fort stand strong for tourists to visit annually. Millions stop here each year.

The Sites

There are so many religious sites scattered about throughout India, including the Golden Temple of Amritsar, Khajurajo, the Sun Temple, or the Jain temples in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

For fans of Islamic culture and heritage, the architecture in Delhi will not disappoint. The Red Fort, the mosques of Qutb Minar, and Humuyan’s Tomb will provide countless memories. There are so many India travel destinations of note.

Or, if you would prefer to simply relax, India is also known for their beautiful beaches. In the south, Mumbai’s Girgaum Chowpatty beach is one of the most notable and celebrated in the entire country. Of course, there are lesser known sandy resorts, too, including Arambol or Palolem.

Slow Down

The one thing to remember while traveling through India is to simply slow down. A lot of visitors try and cram as much as humanly possible into their trip, but they ultimately miss out on half of the experience. To make the most of your time, concentrate on a few notable places to reward yourself as much possible.

Try to spend a few days in each place. This will ensure you are less stressed, have a deeper understanding of the culture and history involved, and to really enjoy meeting the locals, most of whom are inviting and warm to visitors interested in their country. More information can be found if you visit the Tour East Holidays website.

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