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Great Reasons to Look Into Owning an RV

There is a short window for summer opportunities in much of Canada before the cool season begins and quickly transitions into the cold season. Families try to fit in as much summer adventure that they can, and a recreational vehicle (RV) is an often considered mode of travel. Here are several reasons why having one’s own home on the road is keeping RV dealers busy with sales and is becoming a favorite for vacationing Canadian family traveling.

Campsite Options and Costs

The most beautiful resort style RV campgrounds are less expensive per night than even cheap motels. Most campgrounds for RVs have spaces to accommodate everything from the smallest popup to the biggest Class A motorhomes and fifth-wheel trailers that are available. Plus, campgrounds usually offer full water, sewer and electrical hookups as part of the cost, and they have fun things to do. Some campgrounds offer prime spots right on the beach with full hookups. For the adventurous, there are camping opportunities in wilderness areas with no hookups for even lower cost vacation stays.

Traveling With Home Always There

There is nothing like a fun filled family vacation, but not much compares to being able to crawl into one’s very own bed every night either, a bed where strangers have not slept
and a bathroom that is private and only used by family. Travel trailers, fifth-wheels, popup campers and motorhomes make it possible for families to bring their own linens, food, beverages, toys and more on vacation and have all the comforts of home for every night of vacation. An RV is a private place to retreat to for rest and recuperation from daily fun and adventure that is more like home than any hotel or motel ever could be.

Meeting New People

Campgrounds for RV travelers are filled with other families on vacation. RV travelers advise that they typically meet a lot of good people at their RV campground stays that they keep in touch with over time. Traveling in an RV presents more opportunities for fun socialization since many families enjoy time in the evening outdoors under the awning of an RV. Plus, there are no campfires at hotels and motels, and most RV camping places have swimming pools.

Modern Construction Methods of RVs

Recreational vehicles are built better and safer today than ever before. Extensive research and development and close attention to customer feedback is a hallmark of leading RV manufacturers today. Everything from the flooring to wall construction is designed and tested for safety, comfort and longevity. Backup and side view cameras make driving a breeze. Modern diesel chassis manufacturers make engines and drivetrains for motorhomes that are easy to drive and get incredible fuel mileage. Many Class B and B+ motorhome owners, based on various commercial van chassis types, say their motorhomes handle as good as their family cars on the road.

There are RVs available to meet most family budgets. Modern construction methods add longevity so that there is a large market appeal for used as well as new RVs. It is worth it for anyone debating the purchase of an RV to visit local RV dealers to see how the industry has changed just in the last few years. Residential style fabrics, countertop surfaces and appliances are used in the design and construction of new RV models, making them feel more like home than ever before. You can find more info at the Lovesick Lake RV Sales website.

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