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9 Shopping Guidelines for Pizza Ovens

An outdoor pizza oven comes packed with refined architecture, design and functionality. It offers outstanding culinary experience and can turn into a centerpiece for outdoor entertaining.

Select a company that can offer you a variety of outdoor pizza ovens with warranties. A reputable pizza oven vendor are managed by quality assurance professionals and team of engineers. Together they design pizza ovens that are compact with several features. They can offer different models, designs, sizes and materials to choose from. Their range of outdoor pizza ovens can withstand outdoor elements protecting the finish and extending the life of the oven.

Always invest in an outdoor oven that offers high standards, superior performance, safety and affordable prices.

Here are some tips to help you invest in a quality outdoor pizza oven:

1. Type

There are difference types of pizza ovens available such as Pronto, Torino and Bellagio. All of these are convenient outdoor mobile ovens that offer a delicious pizza. There are various types of pizza ovens that are versatile and offer more functionalities such as broiling and grilling. You can even cook other dishes as fish, chicken, bake breads, cakes and more with the outdoor pizza oven.

2. Features

Pizza ovens are designed with several features. They are fully insulated with a fire brick hearth. They have storage cabinets with folding preparation shelves. The tool holder is adjustable and can be used for both long and short ovens. The oven is painted using a textured powder coat that will retain its exterior for many seasons of outdoor cooking. They also come with a built-in thermometer and stainless steel interior for extreme temperatures.

3. Safety

The interior heat can be retained inside with the dual layer insulation, while the exterior dome does not turn into a burning hazard.

4. Size and capacity

Mobile and outdoor ovens don’t come in one size or capacity, just because it is the outdoors. There are different models and sizes depending on space. Smaller ovens require less space, time to heat up and less fuel. The size does not impact the cooking performance and outcome. Regardless of the size, the results will impress your family and friends.

5. Performance

Heat loss reduces the cooking temperatures and increase the consumption of fuel. However there are pizza ovens that are assembled with two layers of ceramic insulation over the dome and under the hearth to retain the heat. The heat is left to circulate inside the dome. The insulation component contributes to exceptional cooking performance.

6. Price

The pizza ovens are not expensive. You probably think they are similar to commercial pizza ovens, which is not the case. You can easily buy one for $2000 or less. For the price you pay, you receive a strong outdoor pizza oven that offers superior functionality and superb craftsmanship. It will serve you for many years if maintained well.

7. Portability

These ovens are designed to be mobile and free standing as they built on wheels, two that are fixed and two that swivel. This makes it easy to move and place in different locations outside your garden.

8. Self-cleaning

The fire within burns everything inside and drops it onto the hearth. Once the oven cools, you just have to sweep it out.

9. Warranty & Return Policy

Always buy an outdoor pizza oven from a vendor that offers a warranty for manufacturer defects for a period of 2 years. The vendor should also offer a specific time to return the item, normally 30 days from the date of purchase. Make sure to obtain both the warranty and return policy option. A warranty is to protect your purchase from any shipment damage or manufacturer defects.

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