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8 Ways to Reinvent Your Whole Look!

Whether you’re making a big move in your career or you’re simply tired of having the same look, upgrading your wardrobe is a must. If you’re not sure where to start, these eight tips will help you reinvent your whole look!

1. Focus On Skincare

Having nice, clear skin is the foundation for any good appearance. Even though the condition of your skin isn’t something people will notice right away, it has a subtle effect on your overall appearance. Make sure you’re taking the time to wash your face twice a day and use a moisturizing cream best for your type of skin. With oily skin, you don’t want to use an oily moisturizer.

Another often ignored aspect of skincare is our hands and legs. Make sure you’re applying hand cream whenever possible to avoid dry skin. It’s hard to be fully confident in your look when your hands are dry and cracking.

2. Try A New Hairstyle

Professional hair salons can help you find a new hairstyle to experiment with. A hairstylist will help you pick a style that matches the shape of your face and the type of clothes you like to wear. It’s helpful if you spend some time researching styles you like so you can bring pictures to your hair stylist.

When it comes to grooming, don’t hesitate to consider laser hair removal. This is a safe technique you can use to manage hair in unwanted areas. Laser hair removal can make your grooming routine quicker by permanently removing hair from unwanted areas.

3. Add Accessories To Your Outfits

Accessorizing your outfit is a smart way to reinvent your look. The great thing about accessories is you can get them to match the environment you’re going to be in. At work, you should stick to more classic and understated accessories. For the times you’re going out on your own, you can match your outfit with more fancy and flashy accessories.

4. Explore Second-Hand Stores

It’s hard to reinvent your look if you’re shopping at the same stores all the time. Second-hand stores usually have inexpensive and unique clothing you can use to make interesting outfits. Second-hand stores are usually full of new inventory after holiday’s when people donate the presents they don’t want.

5. Invest In Regular Manicures

The condition of your nails is a subtle aspect of your look you can’t ignore, especially if you work in a professional environment. Getting a professional to help you with your nails ensures that part of your hygiene never falls off. Consider a manicure as an investment in yourself.

6. Get A Quality Shoe Rotation Going

You can’t be well dressed without a quality pair of shoes. Try and buy a few different pairs of shoes for various situations. You shouldn’t wear the same pair to work and a family gathering. Pairing your outfit with your shoes will help you stand out in a crowd. Make sure you’re shining your dress shoes to keep them in good condition.

7. Find A Style That You Like

Reinventing your look is a bit easier if you have someone you can borrow ideas from. Whether it’s a celebrity or person on a TV show, find someone’s sense of style you can emulate. Going shopping with a specific style in mind will prevent you from being overwhelmed by options since you’ll have an idea of what you want.

8. Cleanse Your Closet Of Clothes

Purging your wardrobe will help you reinvent your style. Get rid of all the excess from your closet and rediscover the old outfits you still love. For your favorite outfits, buy them again in a different colour. This will help you keep an efficient rotation going.

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