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7 Special Occasions for Custom Print T-Shirts

Special occasions call for some special memories, and one great way to do that is to have custom t-shirt printed for the event. When everyone involved has a custom tee, it offers one way to quickly identify who is in your group and also gives everyone a keepsake of the day. Keep reading to learn XX different special occasions where you might want to have custom-designed t-shirts.

1. Charity Event

Charity events have an enormously positive impact no matter how big, and custom t-shirts are a great opportunity to celebrate this impact. If there are teams involved, individual teams can get matching shirts, or the community organization running the event can get t-shirts made for all participants. These shirts can also be worn after the event, which will also spread awareness of the message long afterwards.

2. Company Picnic

Company picnics have been a thing for a very long time, but organizers are still coming up with ways to make them more fun and enjoyable for everyone. Custom screen-printed, embroidered, and heat pressed t-shirts will help make the company picnic a memorable one. T-shirts can also be customized if employees are assigned to special teams for events during the picnic.

3. Bachelorette Party

A wild night out, a relaxing weekend, or a day at the spa are all options for a fantastic bachelorette party to remember. These are a group experience and one way to enjoy that time to the fullest is to have tank tops or t-shirts printed for the attendees. You’ll get more attention and everyone will see how much fun you’re having. Don’t forget to have the bride’s indicate that she’s the guest of honour!

4. Family Reunion

It’s easy to stay connected using technology these days, but sometimes it’s hard to find the time to meet up with family in person. Family reunions are one event that remain cherished by many families, and are considered a uniquely special occasion. Getting together with relatives can be celebrated with fun t-shirts and other apparel.

5. Athletic Event

If you compete in any sports but aren’t on an organized team and thus don’t have official “uniforms,” (road races, Spartan races, and the like) you might want to order yourself some custom t-shirts. These can be used to identify you quickly and easily, and can also advertise any sponsors you might have. If you’re on a team, each team member can get matching shirts to show you’re together and to help identify one another in a crowd. It’s also a good keepsake for the future.

6. Sporting Events

No matter what sporting events you enjoy watching, it’s a lot of fun to wear a shirt supporting your team or favourite player. This allows you to show off your pride if you are able to make it to a game, or to just wear on days your team plays. You can wear the same shirt all season, or maybe change it up and have a few for at different points through the season, like an extra-special shirt for if your team makes it to playoffs.

7. School Field Trips

Proper supervision on field trips is of vital importance, and having a brightly coloured custom-printed t-shirt for the day will help students and adult volunteers and teachers stand out. You can have your school’s name printed on the shirt, a logo, or slogan.

This list is in no way exhaustive but in all of these cases, a custom t-shirt will help keep a group stand out, assist when it comes to keeping track of attendees, and can foster a sense of teamwork.

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