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7 Methods to Eliminate Stress in Your Life

Living in the modern world isn’t simple. It’s far too easy to lose perspective and fall into a deep hole of stress and anxiety. Fortunately, by focusing on some key areas in our lives, we can reduce the effect stress has on us. Check out these 7 different tips that will help you keep stress under control.

1. Make A Commitment To Exercising

Telling yourself you don’t have the energy to exercise keeps you trapped in a vicious cycle. Exercising is a proven method of fighting stress. Putting your body through physical stress lowers the bad hormones in your bad that cause you to feel stress like cortisol. Even a light walk around the block is better than nothing. Try and get in an intense workout at least 2-3 times a week.

2. Try Using Natural Supplements

Certain supplements can do wonders for keeping you calm. If you’re a regular coffee drinker, you may want to switch to green tea for a bit. Green tea is a natural energizer that won’t give you the jittery, anxiety-ridden feeling you get from coffee. Taking an omega-3 supplement can also help reduce how often you experience symptoms of anxiety. If you have trouble sleeping, valerian root is known for its tranquilizing effect. Valerian root also alters your GABA receptors which lowers feeling of anxiety.

3. Use Soothing Scents Around The Home

Believe it or not, simply having a pleasant smell around you can help you feel less stressed. Consider buying some candles or essential oils to add a pleasant smell to your home and office. Lavender, bergamot, mint, orange, and lemon are among the most calming and pleasing scents. Having these scents around can also make it easier for you to fall asleep.

4. Eliminate Caffeine

Caffeine can be good in moderation, but sometimes it’s a good idea to cycle off and take a break for a few weeks. One of the side effects of caffeine is that it will make you jittery and anxious which aren’t good combinations if you’re already stressed. Caffeine isn’t only in your morning coffee; it’s also in some tea’s, chocolate bars and energy drinks. If you feel stressed and full of anxiety, check your diet to see how much caffeine you’re putting in your body.

5. Deal With Your Problems By Writing Them Out

One of the most underrated ways to deal with your problems is to write them out. Writing about the feelings and problems you’re dealing with can be a great way to unburden yourself. Writing about what you’re grateful for is also an excellent way to put the problems in your life in perspective. Going back and reading your old thoughts will help you make progress and focus on the positive in your life. Writing is a powerful tool when used in combination with visits to a psychotherapist.

6. Understand The Double Edge Sword Of Procrastination

A lot of people feel stress because they get nothing done. Their stress causes them to procrastinate which only makes their to-do list grow longer. Allowing things to pile up in your life will make you feel stressed and not good about yourself. If you keep putting off exercising, your body will eventually start to work against you. Even if it isn’t pleasant, part of reducing stress is making small steps forward every day.

7. Get In The Habit Of Leaving Early

Being late to various appointments is another unnecessary way we stress ourselves out. When you show up late, you’re frantic, you want to apologize to everyone, and your mind isn’t focused on the task at hand. Try getting used to leaving your home 20 minutes earlier than normal. Leaving early makes it much easier to deal with any obstacles you encounter like traffic.

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