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5 Tasks Dental Assistants Must Do in the First Week

When you are about to start a new job or career it can be a little daunting. Even with extensive classroom experience and some clinical experience you are about to start something totally new.

The job of a dental assistant is challenging. Your dental education is the first step to starting your career off on the right foot. When you walk into your first day as a dental assistant, that is your time to shine.

What many recent dental assistant graduates want to know is how they can put their best foot forward in their first few days on the job. We have put together some great tips to help you in your first week as a dental assistant and beyond.

1. Remember the patient is the most important person in the room

This might seem very obvious, but with all of the stress of your first week and so many new things to learn it can be forgotten. As you are new to the dental office, you will have to start developing your relationship with each and every patient.

You will be seeing them a few times a year or more so it is best to keep things friendly and professional. During your first few days, it’s a good idea to keep reminding yourself that the patients needs always come first.

2. Stay organized

This is very important to your long-term career. You need to stay organized and efficient if you want to make the best possible impression with your dentist. For the first few days, you will be finding out where the supplies and equipment are kept.

You should make sure that you keep notes on everything that you need to know so that you don’t have to ask more than once. That being said, if anything is unclear you should ask all the questions you have now. The first week is when you should get to know the lay of the land so that in the following months and years you are able to think clearly

3. Go above and beyond

You want to be accepted by the team in the office as well as the dentist. You should tread carefully not to step on any toes, but make sure that you are seen to be doing your part. You should be able to follow your job description to the letter. All the while making sure that you are building a reputation for being an excellent dental assistant that cares.

4. Get a feel for the office culture

No two dental offices are alike. When it comes to working culture you will need some time to figure this one out. An example of this is the office hierarchy. If you have a problem, who do you approach first. You may have a hands-on dentist that is open to all comments and concerns.

On the other hand, you may have a much more formal set up where you have someone who you report to on a daily basis. Every dental office team will have their own unique way of dealing with things and until you figure this out you should tread carefully.

5. Be enthusiastic

You did it! You worked hard and applied for the job that you always wanted. You should be very proud of yourself. Now is the time to get down to the work. Now that you are here in your dream job, you should take a moment to enjoy your success.

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